WYSIWYG Marketing’s Growth Opens the Door of Opportunity for a New Partner

February 07, 2017

WYSIWYG Marketing’s Growth Opens the Door of Opportunity for a New Partner

Summary: This press release discusses a recent announcement with regard to WYSIWYG Marketing’s appointment of a new partner. It goes on to discuss recent successes and growth expansion as reported by owner Ryan Jennings.


KANSAS CITY, MO FEB 7, 2017: WYSIWYG Marketing announced today that Mindy Mulheron will step up from her previous role as Marketing Director to join Ryan Jennings, owner, as a Partner in the firm. Prior to the announcement, Mindy had served as Marketing Director at WYSIWYG for most of last year. Mindy’s commitment to WYSIWYG and excellence in execution of tasks as Marketing Director convinced Mr. Jennings to offer her a partner opportunity. Mindy jumped at the chance to share in the growth of the firm. “I’m so excited to begin this new chapter! WYSIWYG has grown tremendously just in the last few months, and I look forward to a larger role and continuing to serve our clients to the best of my ability.”

As Marketing Director, Mindy was already responsible for most of the day to day operations at WYSIWYG—further proof that she will excel in her new role as partner. Mr. Jennings is confident Mindy will assist in furthering the reach and ensuring the continued excellence of WYSIWYG Marketing: “Mindy is amazing. She can do, and does, anything that needs to be done at WYSIWYG. It was only fair to offer her a full time partner opportunity and I’m happy to share WYSIWYG’s success with her.”

About WYSIWYG Marketing: WYSIWYG Marketing is marketing firm based in Kansas City, MO with clients nationwide. Founded in 2011, WYSIWYG has consistently proven its strength and dominance in the sector with back to back nominations and inclusion in the Top 25 List for the Kansas City Business Journal for four years running.

Contact: Ryan Jennings


Location: Kansas City, MO

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