WYSIWYG Marketing Appoints New Marketing Director

May 16, 2016

KANSAS CITY, MO MAY 16, 2016: WYSIWYG Marketing announced today that Mindy Mulheron has joined the firm. Mindy Mulheron brings a wealth of experience with degrees in Publications Design and Communications. In addition Mindy has valuable work experience in both the public and private sectors. Mindy has also been instrumental in several non-profit organizations and looks forward to assisting in WYSIWYG’s charitable sister division.

Mindy joins WYSIWYG as Marketing Director and will continue WYSIWYG’s proven track record of offering top marketing business services and solutions to companies across the nation. Mindy stated, “I am excited to begin this new challenge and I look forward to working with WYSIWYG’s team. I am fortunate to join such a respected company that provides high quality services and look forward to being a part of WYSIWYG’s continued success.”

Ryan Jennings, owner, said, “Mindy’s experience and determination to succeed has already made her a valuable addition to WYSIWYG. Her appointment is a sign of our growth and commitment to the industry we serve. We are the leaders in industrial marketing, and her new role is a direct result of the increased demand for our services. We feel fortunate to find someone of Mindy’s character and caliber to fulfill this role. I am happy to welcome Mindy to the WYSIWYG team.”

About WYSIWYG Marketing: WYSIWYG Marketing is marketing firm based in Kansas City, MO with clients nationwide. Founded in 2011, WYSIWYG has consistently proven its strength and dominance in the sector with back to back nominations and inclusion in the Top 25 List for the Kansas City Business Journal for four years running.

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