The Penguin Update

August 07, 2012

When auditing our client’s websites and making recommendations based on the latest changes in the major search engines.  As you know, search engines base their search results on an ever-changing field of criteria, so we need to communicate those changes to you as soon as possible so we, as a team, can react quickly and take advantage.

You’ve likely been hearing a lot about Google’s latest algorithm change, the Penguin Update. As an attempt to further advance the search engine’s efficiency, the Penguin Update primarily affects those websites that have been treading shady waters, such as black hat techniques and just about any activity that is intended to trick the search engines into thinking that a site deserves to rank higher than it actually does.  One of the many benefits of the Penguin update is that directory style sites will be pushed down in the search results.  So, you will see less of the “Here’s the top 50 dentists in Kansas City” when you really just want to look at a local dentists site.  “Like the old adage, when elephants dance, it’s the grass that gets trampled”, so when Google makes these types of sweeping changes everyone needs to reassess their goals and strategies.

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