Another Top 25 Year for WYSIWYG!

February 21, 2018

WYSIWYG Marketing Is Awarded Placement on Ingram’s Top 25 List


Summary: This press release discusses a recent announcement with regard to WYSIWYG Marketing’s latest achievement. It goes on to discuss details and other news as reported by owner Ryan Jennings.




KANSAS CITY, MO FEB 21, 2018: WYSIWYG Marketing announced today that they have been named to the Top 25, again, as reported by Ingram’s for the second year in a row. This distinction is given to outstanding digital marketing firms in the Kansas City metro area.


Ryan Jennings, owner, is extremely proud of this achievement. Born in bred in the greater Kansas City area, Mr. Jennings is thrilled to continue to serve both Kansas City businesses and WYSIWYG’s clients across the globe.


2017 was a year of rebuilding and subsequent exponential growth for WYSIWYG, as Mr. Jennings and his team doubled down in a sustained effort to bring WYSIWYG to its full potential.  WYSIWYG is pleased to continue to offer highly respected web marketing services both to businesses in the KC metro and to the larger industrial market world wide.


Mr. Jennings says, “I couldn’t be more proud of WYSIWYG and my team and what we’ve been able to accomplish. We believe we provide the best quality services and support, and our clients agree. We are proud to serve the industrial sector and look forward to continuing in our quest to be the best web marketing provider in the nation. Our future is bright and I’m excited.”


About WYSIWYG Marketing: WYSIWYG Marketing is marketing firm based in Kansas City, MO with clients nationwide. Founded in 2011, WYSIWYG has consistently proven its strength and dominance in the sector with back to back nominations and inclusion in both the Top 25 List for the Kansas City Business Journal for four years running, and the Ingram’s Business Journal’s Top 25 List for Digital Marketing Firms.

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