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Local SEO: What Can It Do For You?

October 05, 2017
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  Local/geographical SEO: how can it effect your business?   The short answer is simple: a lot.   Searches with locale specificity result in high quality inquiries, which lead to higher conversions.   One of our clients came to us recently with a failing business and asked for help. We jumped on board, rolled up our sleeves, and today his sales are up 400%.   That's right: 400%.   In just two months.   Let us help you reach your goals! Read More

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Are Keywords Becoming Less Important in 2019?

May 17, 2019

Keywords have long been the holy grail of measurement in SEO, but current search trends are changing the landscape. In 2019, search intent and code optimization matter as much—or more—than keywords.   What is search intent? Search ...

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Videos: Does Your Website Need Them?

May 07, 2019

The answer is a resounding YES! Current statistics show 87% of users prefer videos. Blogs, slideshows, and articles still have value, but video content is obviously booming. If your site is void of videos, you’re ...

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